North American Students Support Their Country At USA Vs. Chile Soccer Game

North American Students Support Their Country At USA Vs. Chile Soccer Game

On Wednesday January 28, a bus full of rowdy Americans set off to attend the USA vs. Chile 2015 International Friendly game held at El Teniente stadium in Rancagua. We brought this group of around 30 students from the University of Delaware to watch the game and support their country.

The bus ride on the way to the game was half of the fun for this lively group. The animated students were prepared and equipped with red, white and blue face paint. They spent the majority of the bus ride painting their faces, arms, legs, and just about any part of their body.

The two-hour bus ride went by in a flash, as the group geared up and sang American songs, like America the Beautiful and the American pledge of allegiance.

By the time the bus arrived to Rancagua, the students were pumped and ready to cheer on their team.

The game started out well for USA, with their team scoring a goal in the sixth minute. However, USA’s lead was short-lived, and just four minutes later Chile scored, tying up the game 1-1.

After some back and forth action from both teams, USA took the lead again, scoring a goal in the 31st minute. However, once again, Chile stepped up and scored another goal.

All fans were on their toes, both anxious and excited as each team took turns scoring goals. Towards the end of the game Chile scored its third goal, taking the lead.

USA held on for a while but struggled to gain possession of the ball, leaving Chile with the win for this 2015 International Friendly.

The group of American students were disappointed about the loss but they still left the stadium smiling. For many of them it was their first professional soccer game, and they were just grateful for the experience.

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