World Wide Chile is a small company founded in 2009 dedicated to developing a unique cultural immersion program in Santiago and other cities in Chile. Our staff is comprised of Chileans and foreign nationals who specialize in many different areas but share a common passion: our love of Chile.  We love meeting new people, travelling and sharing Chile’s diverse culture with others. Our personalized service breaks down barriers and creates bonds, friendships, contacts and a learning experience that will surpass all of your expectations.


Every culture is unique and tells a lot about a country’s history and lifestyle.  We feel that interacting with the locals is a fundamental part of your experience abroad and our programs strongly reflect this ethos.  Our immersion programs will help you to understand Chilean culture through its food, work, travel, literature, traditions and language giving you a vivid and varied understanding of Chile and its people.

Our host families and shared apartments will enable you to become fully immersed in the culture and engage in Chilean family life. These homes provide an amazing platform to experience Chile, practise speaking Spanish whilst providing a stable and comfortable environment away from home.


An experience abroad can really change your outlook on life as it allows for a better understanding of the unknown and the world as a whole. We want to bridge the gap between Chile and the rest of the world: opening doors and opportunities for a better future. For this reason, we have worked hard to provide some of the most affordable programs on the market combined with great service.

We seek to deliver a flexible and affordable program that will focus on the needs of each participant on an individual and personal level.  We want everyone to feel that they have contributed actively in creating their own program and/or excursion.  Because we are a small company, it allows us to develop a unique and intimate relationship with each one of our participants before, during and after every program.


Each work experience, internship and volunteer placement revolves around working with a variety of different types of organisations:  from global multinationals at one end of the scale, to small family-run businesses at the other.  We strongly believe that by offering you a wide range of options this will make your stay in Chile a far more fulfilling experience.

Living abroad helps you learn many fundamental skills such as adaptability, tolerance, maturity, as well as global and cultural awareness.  WWChile will give you the opportunity to enhance your CV and stand out from the rest.


Chile’s wonderfully diverse geography and culture will have you captivated at first sight. Our excursions and cultural activities are included in our programs and offered throughout the year in individual and group packages.  We take you right off the beaten track giving you a genuine understanding of the makeup of this beautiful country.  Our staff at WWChile know exactly where to go and what to do.  Don’t hesitate to join us in exploring our mountains, ocean, wildlife, glaciers, deserts, vineyards, cuisine, people, nightlife, local communities, history, art, literature, traditions and much much more…

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  1. My name is Trevor Warren. I am currently attending school at the University of Redlands, studying Sustainable Development, Environmental Policy, and Social Justice. I am extremely interested in what your organization stands for and I think it is vital for the sustainability of Chile. This leads to my recent application for the Hanson Service Scholarship. If I win this scholarship, I will be able to work with an organization of my choosing in Chile.

    If possible, I wanted to work on a project to develop more ways of sustainable agriculture and sustainable watering systems. Specifically, I would like to establish a variety of crops within farming practices in order to rotate year round. This will help control pests, prevent soil erosion, and reduce the use of chemical fertilizers. I also have plans to create a rain garden to decrease flooding, improve water quality, and conserve water. These new rain gardens will provide better means for the health and nourishment of agriculture. Lastly, I want to create a roof water system that collects water for home needs. This precipitation can be used for the flushing of toilets, the washing of clothes, the watering of plants, sink water, and showers. Using the gutters of a roof, tubes are attached so that water can flow to storage barrels. This water that could have been used for nothing is now used to provide water services to any home.

    There would be no cost involved in this project. All funds will be supported from the scholarship.

    Feel free to call me at (253) 677-6375. Please let me know your thoughts as soon as possible.


    Trevor Warren

  2. Hello,

    I am looking for the contact details of the person responsible of international student recruitment and marketing?

    Kind regards,
    Vanessa Black

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