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Upcoming Travel & Learn program – 2019

WWChile offers one month travel programs perfect for a complete cultural and authentic Chilean experience.

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An Unique Experience

Experiences are what make us learn, discover and expand our minds in order to grow as a person. Our aim at World Wide Chile is to provide an authentic experience that will give you all the means necessary to create a unique experience on your own path of discovery. Our internships, volunteer work, Spanish courses and our travel programs in Chile provide a great learning foundation by offering a variety of different programs that you can personally hand-pick to suit your needs or preferences.

We believe in cultural immersion as a way to open our minds, hearts and souls to the world.

Learning goes beyond the classroom thus it is important to learn from the people we encounter on the way. Interacting with the locals will help you discover Chile’s true identity and gain a new tolerance for diverse ways of thinking and living life. Our goal is to open your eyes to Chile’s past, present and future by taking you through a first hand travel experiencethat will in turn be etched on your memory forever.

“Travelling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller” Ibn Battuta


World Wide Chile

World Wide Chile consists of a dynamic team with specialities in a variety of different fields (including tourism, law, international relations, history, to name a few!) This wide range of experience and expertise enables us to provide you hand-made specialized programs with a well informed guide who can help you broaden your knowledge on a variety of areas of interest. Our team consists of people who have studied and lived in many different countries who in turn want to help others attain the perfect travel experience.

Felipe Pulgar Silva- Program Director (Co-Founder)

Born and raised in Santiago, Felipe is a Chilean who simply loves what his country has to offer. After working for over ten years as a lawyer, Felipe founded World Wide Chile in 2009 to take them off the beaten tourist track and show them an authentic and genuine Chile. HE is passionate about what he does and wants to share his enthusiasm with the people around him.

Contact: felipe@worldwidechile.com

Jack Hutchings- Sales and Marketing

Jack was raised in London, United Kingdom. After having studied Spanish and French (Bachelor of arts) he came to Santiago for an internship where he fell in love with the country due to it’s culture, its landscape but most of all its people. He feels that Chile has so much to offer and wants to show others Chile’s infectious charm.

Contact: jack@worldwidechile.com

Daniela Posada- Program coordinator

Born in Santiago and having worked as a physical education teacher for 5 years, Daniela then joined World Wide Chile team motivated by her love of Chilean culture and her interest to advocate the beauty of Chile to rest of the world. Supported by her degree in Business studies, Daniela performs administrative functions in the company as well as coordinating various programs so that WWChile service is one of high quality and professionalism.

Contact: Daniela@worldwidechile.com


La Casa de La Luna Azul Restaurant- WWCHILE’S Home

Since April 2012, the Casa de la Luna Azul has become World Wide Chile’s home. WWChile wanted to create a space where Chileans and foreigners could get together and socialize around a nice meal, drinks and good music. The name “Casa de la Luna Azul” is inspired by a bar owned Chilean surrealist artist Ludwig Zeller in the end of the sixties in the popular “hippie” Lastarria neighbourhood of Santiago. This bar set in a gothic house became the intellectual centre for contemporary Chilean artists, poets, authors, actors, musicians and dancers to share innovative ideas at the heart of this bohemian neighbourhood. La Casa de la Luna Azul played an essential role in the Lastarria Neighbourhood and was the creative centre of an active artistic community.

With its incredible historical setting and amazing new terrace looking out onto the Bruma palcace, WWChile’s Casa de la Luna Azul aims to recreate this ambiance art and interaction between people. Come check it out on Estados Unidos street, no.367 in the Lastarria neighbourhood in downtown Santiago

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